Shady Orchard & Winery is focused on producing refreshing, high quality fruit wines.

We pride ourselves in crafting a wine that is flavorful and rich in taste. Becoming our customer’s first choice of fruit wine while adhering to the highest of standards, is our commitment.

A dry wine to nicely complement your meal. This wine is better with age and well worth the wait!

A winner loved by many! The two berries blend well together to create a taste that will make you wanting more. Pairs well with stimulating conversation and great friends!
Mixed Berry

Four flavors of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and saskatoon. Oh My! Sweet and full of body. Perfect for movie night.

A lighter wine with a soft tone but just as sweet. A nice choice for a gathering around the fire pit and  roasting marshmallows.

Obviously, a Christmas treat but can be enjoyed all year long! The combination of the two berries pack a punch of flavor.

A dry wine that can be enjoyed without any aging. Full of ambience that calls for extra sipping time.

A wine that needs to age for the flavors to be perfect and smooth.

A wine that is easily recognized without having to look at the label. Enjoyed most while sitting on the patio after a long hard day!

A fine sweet wine with a bountiful taste! Another favorite enjoyed by many. The perfect choice to savor.
Perfect flavor enhancers to add to your ice cream, pancakes, pastries, crepes and blendable  beverages!

Something the whole family can enjoy!
  Saskatoon-Raspberry   Chokecherry   Strawberry    Raspberry    Strawberry-Rhubarb