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Shady Orchard & Winery

is a small family owned and operated winery, with a bountiful orchard, located in northern Alberta.

We pride ourselves on providing fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables. Having a U pick farm allows people to come and harvest their own fruits and vegetables and get the satisfaction of knowing that their produce is fresh.

Our winery is focused on producing refreshing, high quality fruit wines. We pride ourselves in crafting a wine that is flavorful and rich in taste. Becoming our customer’s first choice of fruit wine while adhering to the highest of standards, is our commitment.
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Our wines are fermented from fruits and berries grown in the Northern Alberta region.

The decision of which berries to use and what combination was a simple one.

Recipes have been tried and tested for generations and passed on through the ranks.

We took notes as to what Grandma was making. After all Grandma knows BEST!! 

The full bodied flavors of her prized pies, jams and jellies are the basis for our wines. 
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Tuesday - Friday 11:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday 11:00am - 4:00pm

William and Kristie Gordon
16115 Township Road 744
High Prairie, Alberta  T0G 1E0

PHONE: 780-523-5260

William: 780-536-8744
Kristie: 780-523-8118
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